There are lots of rules and most of them are quite technical, but if you are really interested, here is the 85 page IWBF Rule Book, here is a link to the  IWBF rules page  and here is the GBWBA page on classification.

Or, we can run through a few of the more frequently asked ones here:

Q: How high is the hoop?
A: The juniors hoop height is 8 feet, adults is 10 feet – exactly the same as the running game

Q: How big is the court?
A: Exactly the same size as the running game – which sometimes seems sooo big, and at others just isn’t quite big enough!

Q: How many players are in a team?
A: On court a team consists of 5 players, and then a few substitutes in case of injury, fouls or line up changes

Q: What are the rules on dribbling?
A: In the running game, you can take two steps before you have to bounce the ball, pass it or shoot it. In wheelchair basketball it’s basically the same – 2 pushes of the wheels and you have to bounce, pass or shoot.

Q:What is classification?
A: Basically, all players are “classified” between 1 and 5 points, including half points. A 5 point player is basically an able bodied player, a 4.5 player may have a leg amputation, going down to 1 point for people primarily paralysed from the chest down.

Q: So why do we do this points classification thing?|
A: In a game, teams can only field a total of 14.5 points on the court in the 1st & 2nd division (more in the lower divisions). This creates a level playing field and ensures players of all classifications get to play, only one 5 point AB player is permitted on each team if they wish.

Q: So these wheelchairs, are they normal wheelchairs?
A: No, they are specially designed and strengthened sports chairs. You will notice that the wheels are at more of a camber to help you turn faster and help prevent the chair tipping sideways.  Nearly all have an offensive wing front to stop players getting stuck on defenders chairs and keep the players feet and legs safe. Just two features that day chairs don’t have. They are also built to withstand big impacts. Prices range from around £750 up to however much you want to spend with a good one costing you around £4000+

Q: Do I need to buy one of these expansive wheelchairs?
A: The clubs all have wheelchairs available to use, however we only have a limited number. Any donations to enable us to buy more are welcome!

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