Jags 3

Jaguars 3 play in the Fourth Division which was previously called The Development League. It is a fabulous way for new players to get to grips with playing in a team against other new players in a competitive environment, as well as some seasoned players to keep in the game they love, but at a slightly reduced pace from that of Jags 1 & 2.

Games are played over three Saturdays (usually) and each team plays twice on each Saturday. Although the players must obey the rules they are relaxed a little and the referees usually take a softer approach to the new players whilst making sure that the game flows nicely, and above all safely.

Playing in this league also gives the possibility of playing up to the second and first team, providing an excellent foundation to the Jaguars.

Jags 3 core tenets are simple: Fun, learn and fun
Jags 3 coach is Carl Blackman

img_0355-2Jags 3 2016

Jags 3 players are:


Name Number
Carl Blackman 21
Jamie Carter 35
Bernie Fox 32
Michaela Goldring 52
Steven Handley 12
Alister Hargraves 43
William Lemin
Victoria Lyon 25
Adrian Marklew 48
Erin Tate 47
Jamie Thornton 45
Beth Tyson 50
Ross Watchus 39
Harry Whiteley 45

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