Jags 1

Jaguars 1 was the first team we ever formed over 20 years ago. Although the team members have changed, our core ethos has not: score baskets, strong defence, win games and have fun.

This season sees Jags 1 playing in Division 1 (North) – a highly competitive league that should see some great matches this season!

Jags 1 coaches are Marc Blackman and Ian Brown

Jags 1 and some support from Jags 2 members
Jags 1 2016

Jags 1 named players are:

Name Number
Marc Blackman 22
Ian Brown 7
Matt Chafer 6
Angus Drew 30
Stephen Edwards 31
John Harper 5
Toby Wells 24
Simon West 42

Click here for live league placements

Fixtures are in!! See the Teams page for information!

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