Meet The Team

So, you want to say hello then yes? No problem! Below is who we are and what we do. You may notice that some people have more than one role in the organisation, these are passionate people who love the game.

Julie BlackmanJulie Blackman is the Vice Chair of the Management Committee, Trustee, Club secretary and Head Table official.  Julie puts hours in behind the scenes managing the fixtures and management paperwork.  Her two sons (Marc and Carl) are also involved with the club.


Ian Brown is our Head Coach, Jags 1 Coach and player, Junior Coach, mChairman of the Committee, trustee, East Midlands Regional Chairman, Regional & IWBF European Classifier. He can also throw a ball at what seems to be 900mph, so when he passes the ball you either catch it or duck! His favourite T-Shirt says “Basketball is my girlfriend” & he trains four times a week.

Marc Blackman

Marc Blackman is Jags 1 Assistant Coach and player, Assistant Head Coach & Committee Secretary.  A strong offence play who can score from anywhere & at impossible angles.

Angus Drew

Angus Drew is a Coach, Committee Member and Deputy Welfare Officer and plays for Jags 1. He also heads NK Jaguars in Lincoln.  He is a cool cucumber and great team player.

Lynn Chantry

Lynn Chantrey is an Assistant Coach who primarily works with the Women’s team and helps out with N.K. Jaguars along with Angus. She also plays for Jags 1 and is one of our most dedicated players. I will not mention any numbers, but let’s just say for an “experienced” lady, she can certainly throw a ball – and a punch if you are unlucky!

Chris Hassell

Chris Hassell is our Club Treasurer, Press Officer, Jags 2 Coach, venue liaison and also plays for Jags 1.  His whole family are basketball mad with both his sons play in Jags 2 & he is married to Helen – our Club Welfare Officer

Helen Hassell

Helen Hassell is a Committee Member, Club Welfare Officer & Table Official. Married to Chris and having two sons playing in Jags 2, she enjoys the game as much as we do, but prefers a chair with no wheels attached.

Carl Blackman

Carl Blackman is a Committee Member, Table Official, Jags 2 Coach, Facebook aficionado and semi-official photographer for Jaguars. He is the brother of Marc and the son of Julie & a real sharp shooter with an excellent shooting action. He is an excellent coach for new players.

John Harper

John Harper is a long serving Committee Member, Trustee and Collections Officer and plays for Jags 1.  The most experienced player in Jags 1 and a real team player with a great over the head shot that rarely misses the basket.  Two years ago he threatened to retire – we hope this never happens.

Simon West

Simon West is a Committee Member and Webmaster in charge of this website and Facebook. He is also an Assistant Coach with Jags 3 and plays in Jags 1. Although he is a relatively new player, Simon has progressed quickly from Jags 3, a big player inside the key with his shooting percentage increasing every session.

Nicky West is our newest table official and the long suffering wife of Simon. Like many people she came along once and got pulled into the game. Although she doesn’t play the game, she loves it as much as we do!

So that’s us. Why not come and play and then we can get to know you?

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